CATEGORY: Los Angeles

Hack for LA

a civic tech group hosting weekly hack nights to work on digital projects that benefit city agencies and services

Hazy Moon Zen Center

a traditional Zen meditation practice center led by teacher Nyogen Roshi offering daily zazen, Dharma talks, classes and intensive retreats

Karen Maezen Miller: Finding a Life (E3)

Writer & Zen Buddhist Priest Maezen shares how her spiritual practice extricated her from a “successful” career to simply do the work that comes before her.

Maptime LA

meetup group

a monthly workshop group that learns mapping and GIS technologies together often for public service projects

Sharing Cities Meetup: Sunday 7/29/18

A presentation & discussion about the book "Sharing Cities: Activating the Urban Commons" and addressing today's big challenges thru local community.

The Rational Dress Society: Constructing Clothing (E1)

Utopians Maura & Abigail make the uniform for the future.

Vyki Englert: Constructing Civic Services (E2)

Data Strategist Vyki Englert talks civic tech and using government, community and technology to serve others.

Women's Center for Creative Work


offers workshops and resources for creative feminist women and non-binary folks of Los Angeles

Workers Happy Hour

Let's talk about work - 1st Wednesdays at Mandrake Bar, 6-8pm